Harness Intent With Google Ads

Unlock the power of intent. We will put your brand in front of customers who are actively looking for your services using Google’s high intent search engine. Rapidly scale your business through Google Ads.

Our Paid Ads Strategy


We will keep your goals and the current situation of your business in mind as we are building your campaigns. Google’s search engine makes it simple to target potential clients that are actively searching for your services. We will build out a landing page for these potential clients to ensure there is only one action they can take – input their information. As we build out your campaigns, we will aim to set your ads up to please Google’s quality score. The higher the score, the higher your ads are displayed in the search engine.


As your campaigns are live, we will continuously be testing different aspects of your ads to ensure we double down on what works and get rid of what’s holding us back from hitting that number one spot. We will be conducting weekly maintenance on your ad account to ensure we’re steadily climbing to the top of Google’s search engine.

Reporting And Analytics

We will provide complete transparency throughout your experience with us. You will have the ability to check on various KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics such as goal conversion rates ,bounce rates, session duration, and more. You’ll be able to see exactly what your monetary ROI is through our reporting and analytics. 

Our Post-Launch Strategy

Lead Nurture

Keep your name top of mind with potential customers as soon as they show interest in your brand. We will build rapport with your potential customer through automated SMS text messages and emails. Our goal is to optimize inbound acquisition strategies and turn leads into clients.

Integrated Appointment Setters

Too busy running your business and servicing current clients? No problem. Our integrated team of appointment setters will do the heavy lifting for you. Our appointment setters will follow-up with leads to schedule appointments for your intended services. We will sync your calendar to ensure your new appointments don’t conflict with any previously scheduled ones.